03rd November, 2018

Updated: Aug 6, 2019


There’s no doubt that the Storage World is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. This is driven by the constant consumer shift to smaller living environments, creating the need for excess space to store those valued possessions. In the Automotive world, this shift is felt more prominently with the generally declining amount of parking space available in residential environments. Without secure available parking, street parking is sometimes an reluctant option for not only trailered vehicles, but also for primary vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.


Street parking is not ideal due to Council-enforced restrictions, but more so the lack of security that it is associated with. The solution to this issue is to professional store the vehicle, as a means to keep it secure from theft and also out of the harsh Australian elements.


Many traditional storage operations (Such as Kennards, National, Storage Choice Etc) offer vehicle storage solutions. This usually involves leasing a suitably sized storage locker, that would otherwise be used for other typical items found in storage (furniture, archives etc).


4 Reasons to Choose a Specialised Vehicle Storage Facility Over a Traditional One:


1. Its More Affordable


Traditional storage outlets do not have the economies of scale of a specialised automotive outlet – meaning their rate are typically far more expensive. A specialised automotive outlet will normally not have valuable floor space taken up by individual sections – instead they use a bulk open floor space to carefully and safely store vehicles. This allows more economic utilisation of space, which creates costs savings that are passed down to the customer.


2. Its More Secure


A traditional storage facility might give the impression that your asset is safe locked up in its own compartment. The reality is that it’s not difficult for an avid criminal to break into this environment. Theoretically, anyone knowing of the asset’s location can simply take out a storage contract with the particular facility, and then have free access to the premises, allowing them to break open the compartment locks and quickly remove the contents. This was particularly evident in the theft of a genuine Brock Holden Commodore from a storage facility in Sydney earlier in the year.


A specialised vehicle storage, such as Autohouse Storage, eliminates this risk by always supervising any access to their stored vehicles. The facility is always kept locked, and has a specialised back-to-base alarm system active outside of business hours. Keys are kept secured in a fire-proof safe bolted to the ground, and warehouse doors are protected by heavy-duty bollards. The complex is also covered by high resolution CCTV around the clock.


3. Easier Logistical Access


Not all Traditional Storage Facilities will offer vehicle storage, and the ones that do will normally utilise lockers/cages that are typically designed around the storage of smaller items moved via hand or trolly. Manoeuvring a car or trailer into these spaces can sometimes be difficult due to narrow corridors and doorways. A specialised vehicle storage environment will normally be in an industrial-designed complex, often designed for truck manoeuvrability. This allows ample logistical movement space, allowing fast and pain-free drop-off and collection.


4. Offering of Vehicle Management Value-Add Services

A traditional storage operation will normally only offer the space to store your vehicle. A specialised operation has the capacity to offer far more than this, as they understand the needs of a vehicle whilst in storage. Such services include:


· Battery Charging & Monitoring

· Tyre Pressure Monitoring

· Vehicle Grooming & Detailing

· Supply of Car Covers

· Regular Engine Start-Up Services

· Supply of Storage Products (Fuel Stabilisers, Oil Drip Pans)


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