10th December, 2021

Indoor Car Storage


When storing your car for any period of time, it is essential you understand what your car requires when it is kept off the road. At Autohouse Storage we understand this, and this is why, as part of our indoor storage car package, we provide; car battery charging, tyre pressure maintenance, a dust resistant cover and regular engine start-ups. You might be wondering, if I’m not using my car, what does any of this do? Well, let’s answer that question.


Battery Charging


This applies ever more so the longer you store your car. Car batteries have a natural self discharge or chemical leakage,  and more modern cars use a very small amount of power from the battery to keep the electrical systems from dying. Eventually, if the car is not driven, the battery will be fully discharged (die). This is why, when storing your car with us, we connect a charger to your battery so it never dies. That way, when you pick it up after a year, the battery will be in good condition and function properly.


Car Battery Charging


Tyre Pressure Maintenance


Making sure the tyre pressure is correct is extremely important. Correct tyre pressure helps distribute the weight of the car across the tyre’s tread pattern, so the vehicle is stable when driven. Often in long term storage the tyres will deflate and even do so unevenly, leaving patches of the tyre that are flat due to it being stagnant for so long. If the tyres are left unchecked and under the optimum pressure, you’ll experience poor vehicle handling, a flat tyre, or even a blown tyre. At Autohouse Storage we perform regular tyre pressure checks on your car and inflate them to their optimum pressure. Don’t worry, we’re aware of the consequences of over-inflation as well.

Tyre Pressure Gauge


Dust Resistant Cover


While your car is in long term storage, it’s best to keep it under a cover. Even if you’re vehicle is in a garage and safe from the weather it is still prone to dust and pollen. If you’re car is kept in storage without a cover dust will accumulate. If this is left untreated this could lead to permanent marks on the paint of your car. When cleaning it you also risk scratching the paint so it is important to not let your car get too dusty. When your car is stored with us, we put our dust resistant and breathable car cover on it. It is strong enough to repel dust, but also fine enough to allow trapped moisture to escape.

car covers


Regular Engine Start-Ups


This is especially important to ensure the running integrity of the car. After sitting in storage a long period of time the dirt, dust or debris may enter the car. Regular engine start-ups allow fresh air to enter the car and push the junk that’s built up out. This provides relief for the air filter that is being clogged with all the build when a car is stored for long periods of time. If you do not perform regular engine start-ups, the air filter will get too clogged and you may need to completely replace it. That’s why at Autohouse Storage we perform engine start-ups every 2-3 weeks.



What You Should Do Before Storing Your Car


When dropped off for indoor car storage with us, we recommend filling the tank of your car all the way up and using a fuel system enhancer. This will prevent sediment building up in your tank and contaminating the fuel in there. It also reduces the condensation that gets in the tank as well. If you’re tank is almost empty, condensation will build up. The water from the condensation will sink to the bottom of the tank where the fuel is pumped to the engine. This has the potential to cause mechanical failures, something everyone would like to avoid.