23rd June, 2021

Work commitment may force you to stay away from your home for a prolonged period. Particularly when serving as a travelling nurse, army officer, or recently got an offer out of the country. Other factors such as the quest for higher education, home renovations, saving up on space and more may force you to leave your car. Whatever the reason, leaving your vehicle on the driveway or curbside parking is not a good idea. Here are some ideas on how to safely store your car in a storage facility.

Cars parked in an outdoor parking lot

Vehicles need proper care and storage to maintain their functionality. Automobiles are prone to wear and tear due to the harsh Australian sun, winds, rain and hail. That said, car storage is stress-free since the risk of theft becomes a non-issue. Further, you will enjoy favourable insurance premiums while your car is in secure storage. Based on these risks, you should consider a Long Term Vehicle Storage Brisbane solution.

Rules of Safe Vehicle Storage


Clean it Up

Your need to wash off the mud, dirt, suds and debris from your vehicle. Dust and dirt on the exterior of your car can easily damage the paint over a prolonged period. Also, remove any foods, and vacuum the inside and boot to prevent musty odours. For Long Term Vehicle Storage Brisbane locations, you need a squeaky clean automobile.


Pay Attention to Mechanical Aspects

Inspect your engine thoroughly. Scrutinise whether you need to replace your belts and filters. Next, put engine oil via spark plugs into the cylinders and add premium fuel to the tank. Also, consider adding a fuel stabiliser to avoid gum from forming. Finally, top up important fluids such as brake fluid and antifreeze.

Ensure the battery is fully charged and disconnect it, beginning with the negative terminal. This practice helps to avoid battery discharge and damage. Also, lubricate the door seals, bonnet and boot.


Avoid the Parking Brake

When storing your car, do not engage the handbrake. Pulling the parking brake risks damaging the brake pads due to fusing after Long Term Vehicle Storage Brisbane. Instead, use a tire stopper to prevent the vehicle from moving.


Maintain the Exterior

Prepare your vehicle for storage by using a fabric cover will help avoid dust and moisture, thereby maintaining the texture and paint of your car. Also, inflate your tyres and use jacks stands to elevate your vehicle off the ground. It will help to avoid flat tires. Additionally, block the exhaust pipe with a rag or steel wool. Finally, remember to remove the covering before you drive your vehicle again.

Car Insurance


Stay Insured

It is illegal in Australia for anybody to drive a vehicle without any insurance cover. Therefore, your vehicle needs to stay covered by an insurance provider even while in storage. However, you may talk to your insurance company since they provide cheaper premiums for stored vehicles.


Requirements for Vehicle Storage

When storing a vehicle in self-storage, you must have proper documentation. For instance, you may be required to produce an identification photo, licence plate number, owner’s name, make of the vehicle and proof of insurance.