12th March, 2019


For 2019, Autohouse Car Storage has partnered up with another up-and-comer in the Automotive world – premium print publication Retromotive Magazine. For those that don’t know, Retromotive is an conceptual unique Car Magazine thats doing things bit differently – a departure from the traditionally clunky ‘reviews and ads’ orientated magazines of past and present. Sure, the cars form the core of the content, but there is also a specific focus on the people that drive them. With every article, the Owner’s passion for their vehicle is portrayed via engaging scripture, and backed up with mood-driven photography that captures the vehicles in an intriguing format.


Volume 3 – The Most Recent Edition


The man behind the magazine, Nathan Duff, is a highly accredited Vehicle Photographer by trade, and uses every bit of his talent in conceiving a product that the Automotive magazine world has been crying out for. Retromotive is a magazine that can be enjoyed by those with no particular interest in the car world, as paints the story of the Owners passion for their vehicle, and the captivating stories behind it all.


Autohouse Racing will be carrying Retromotive branding on both race cars for the 2019, a partnership which aims to grow awareness for the concept in the Australian Motorsport arena.

Pole Position: Retromotive branding featured on the Autohouse Racing IROC Porsche 911


Retromotive is available to purchase via their website – click here.