20th July, 2020

Generally, there are times you need to park your car for a substantial amount of time. For instance, when you are going on holiday, and you will not need your car for some time. Failure to adequately prepare your car for storage could lead to many unpleasant damages to your car. Therefore, it is essential to adequately prepare your car if you are going to store it for some time. Follow the following steps to prepare it before storage.

Find an adequate storage facility

Cars with car covers

For car storage Brisbane, you must locate a suitable location to store your car and prevent unwanted wearies. It would be best if you look for a controlled climate facility. It will help protect your car from adverse weather conditions. If you feel like a climate-controlled car storage Brisbane facility might be too expensive, you can store your car in your garage. However, ensure that the garage has a solid foundation to prevent your car from sinking and ensure it is clean enough.

Clean the interior of the car

Primarily, a clean car is refreshing to you when driving it and to any other person inside. However, you should also ensure you clean your car thoroughly when preparing to store it. Be sure to clean the car’s interior to eliminate the possibilities of attracting any insects or molds while left in storage. Also, ensure that you discard any trash that could be in the car and vacuum the seats and floorboards.

Clean the exterior

Ensure that you clean your exterior by removing any dirt or mud that may contain moisture, which may facilitate rusting. Additionally, clean your wheels and condition the car tires to prevent any rot from occurring. It would also be best to wax the vehicle to protect the clear coat.

Grease your car

Ensure that you grease the steering and suspension components of the car. Applying grease will help in removing any remaining water, hence prevent rust on the metal surfaces.

Protect your tyres

Ideally, you want to prevent unwanted spots and premature failure of the tires. Therefore, ensure that your tires are properly inflated. It would help if you mounted the car on jack stands.

Keep the charge

When you are going to store your car for a long time, you would not want to come back to a dead battery. Hence, you should remove it from the car and store it in a cool, dry place. However, if your car requires its battery all the time for optimal performance, consider hooking it up to a battery maintainer.

Check the car fluids

When winding preparations for your car storage Brisbane, the essential step is checking the car’s fluids. Ensure that you change the car’s oil and top off the fuel tank, adding an adequate amount of fuel stabiliser. If you store the car in a cold climate, be sure to add antifreeze to the water to prevent water from freezing, which may crack the block.

Seal it up

Ensure that all the windows are rolled up, the vents are closed, sunroof is secure and closed, and both the trunk and hood are adequately secured.