20th April, 2020

Are you stuck inside waiting for your next holiday? Help that time pass by faster by planning your next caravan trip! Rest easy knowing your caravan is safe and secure at Autohouse Caravan Storage in Brisbane.

Do you have a favourite spot to park the caravan and unwind from daily life or do you like to try a new location every time you drive off of your caravan storage in Brisbane, going where the wind takes you? Whether you are heading to the beach or the mountains, it is important to be sure your caravan is ready for you too. Here are a few tips to make sure your caravan is giving you the relaxation you need, not just more stress!

Safety First!

Nothing sours a holiday like an unexpected accident, so get ahead of any potential problems before they start! Be sure to stop by your caravan storage in Brisbane before you plan to drive off and check all your safety equipment. Test your smoke alarms, make sure your fire extinguisher is on date, ensure there are extra batteries for your torches and that your first aid kit is complete. Check your car or caravan in for service if needed and check the condition of your tyres and spare. Make sure your holiday will go off without a hitch!

Keep it Clean!

Caravan set up in country

While we all plan to fully clean our homes away from home before putting it away in caravan storage in Brisbane, the reality is, sometimes things fall through the cracks, literally! Take some time before you go to poke around and find throw away any expired food or unintended science experiments that grew since you last went on holiday. It is no fun to get to your idyllic camping spot just to play “what’s that smell?”.

Keeping Entertained

While you might just enjoy sitting by the caravan, luxuriating in nature, the rest of your family might need a few activities to pass the time. Pick out a few card or board games for the kids and some easy reading for the adults. Research hiking trails and tours before you go so you aren’t scrambling for activities in the moment. Perhaps most importantly for the children, make sure the tablets are full of life and you have a charger with you.

Keep Your Caravan in Storage

If you are not already keeping your caravan in storage in Brisbane, there is never a better time to start! Caravan storage gives you peace of mind, knowing that your caravan and everything in it is safe and secure when not in use. Never again will you need to search for a place to park or take up valuable parking space at home. Caravan storage can also save you money on insurance premiums.

Your holiday might seem far off but it will be here before you know it. Be sure your caravan is ready so you can focus on relaxation and fun!