21st February, 2019

The importance of ‘covering it up’ whilst in Car Storage.

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A Car Cover does more than just keep the dust out


Theres no denying that dust is the age-old enemy of a vehicle in storage . A car can accumulate a layer of dust surprisingly quickly whilst sitting stationary in an indoor environment.


The biggest issue with dust? It poses a risk of damaging paint work when being removed during car washing. If not washed correctly, dust particles can be rubbed into the paint work during cleaning, causing micro-scratches and other imperfections. This is particularly common in more modern vehicles with softer paint. Not to mention further dust contamination will lead to further requirement for washing, exposing your car to more moisture than what it really needs to see.


If your car is being stored indoors for a prolonged period of time, its a wise idea to take care of it with a cover that is up to the job.

Benefits of using a soft, breathable dust cover:

  • Keeps the dust off the car’s exterior

  • Minimises micro-damage to paint-work when being put on or removed

  • Allows moisture trapped within the car to escape

  • Protects against vermin infiltration and nesting

  • UV Protection

  • Privacy

What to look for in an Indoor Cover

  • Dense fabric to minimise dust infiltration

  • Breathable fabric to allow moisture dispersion

  • Soft non-abrasive fabric inner section

  • Elastic lining to form fit cover around vehicle

  • Full UV Protection


What to look for in an Outdoor Cover

  • 100% Waterproof Material

  • Moisture Disperion Vents

  • Soft non-abrasive fabric inner section

  • Hail/Storm Proof Material

  • Tie-Down Clips

  • Full UV Protection


Dont be this guy!


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