17th September, 2019


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Car & Coffee, Caffeine & Gasoline, Caffeine & Machine – call it what you will, its a very simple yet effective concept that has Brisbane motoring enthusiasts bringing their vehicles out of car storage almost every weekend. These casual ‘pop-up’ style events have grown in popularity over the years, and its pretty easy to see why. Combining a diverse array of motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes, along with a nice freshly brewed bit of caffeine is really a match made in heaven for most car nuts. In Australia, these events typically don’t discriminate – they are generally an open-slather, ‘bring what you brung’ and entry is almost always free of charge.

Car storage brisbane

The style of event has somewhat disrupted the traditional ‘show & shine’ concept, in which spending the entire day before polishing your car beyond belief is no longer a requirement. Sure, show & shine concours-style events are still relevant and popular, but C&C really appeals to the masses. It beholds a sight of seeing a Ferrari 488 Pista parked next to a Mazda MX5, parked next to a Citroen 2CV, etc, etc.


Why are cars & coffee events so popular? Here’s our take on it:



brisbane cars and coffee, coffee cart

Good quality coffee and minimal queuing time is essential for any good C&C Event. Photo: Art & Motors



1. A lot of people like cars, and everyone likes coffee – its a no brainer


2. It gives car collectors of all calibers an excuse to blow out the cobwebs of their prized motoring possessions, which otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day nearly often enough. If your weekender has been relegated to secure car storage and can’t even be considered a ‘weekender’ anymore, Brisbane Cars & Coffee events are a great way to right that wrong.


3. If its not perfect, it doesn’t matter. No one is judging on the originality of your fuel lines, and no one is counting the number of micro scratches your paint might have. Even if its in need of a good wash, just bring it anyway.


4. You get in, and you get out. These events normally commence at the crack of dawn, with the most enthusiastic of attendees arriving at ungodly hours to snatch up the prime parking positions. These events normally wrap up after a few hours – think between 8am and 9am – meaning you have still have the majority of the day to do what you need to do. 5. Social & Professional Networking – no doubt some great friendships and business relationships have been conceived at a local C&C event. The social aspect is what keeps us coming back!


Cars & Coffee Etiquette



1. Don’t take up any more parking space than you absolutely need to. Parks can be a premium, particularly at the more popular events. 2. Make it all look nice and tidy. Continue the trend of parking – if the consensus is reverse in, then reverse in. Try and keep the nose of your car in line with others that are already parked. The photographers will love you for it.


Ferrari car storage

Make an effort to line up your vehicle nice and neatly where possible. Photo: Art & Motors


3. If the event is raising money for charity, be sure to contribute a little. You are likely at a free event after all.


4. Don’t stick to the clique! Common interest in fine automobiles is a great way to spark up conversations with a complete stranger. If you see something you like, find the owner and ask questions. They’ll only be glad to talk about their pride and joy with you!


5. Don’t ruin it for everyone. Don’t be the bloke going unnecessarily fast through the event. There will likely be people crawling around everywhere, including small children. Take it slow and be cautious! Under no circumstance drive erratically, or drop the clutch and pop a burnout. Thats surefire way to have the event shutdown by the Authorities.


This guy has the right idea:


Where can I find Cars and Coffee in Brisbane?




The OG – Brisbane Cars & Coffee – Coorparoo


brisbane cars and coffee

Coorparoo is certainly the cream of crop in terms of consistency and quality. Photo: Supercars of Brisbane

Where: Turbo Drive, Coorparoo

When: 1st Saturday of Every Month

Ease of Parking/10: 5 – finding a decent park anytime after 6am can be troublesome

Coffee Quality/10: 5 – Normally over-milky and burnt – definitely room for improvement


As far as we know, this was the original and longest serving Cars & Coffee event in Brisbane, having been conceived back in 2014. 5 years later and they are still getting capacity attendance month in, month out. The calibre and variety is always impressive, however be sure to get there early (like 5.30am early) if you want to snatch a prime position. Parking can be found on both the street as well as in a few different carparks stretching along Turbo Drive, however spots are limited, so if you sleep-in expect to be parking in the back streets.



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