21st January, 2020

Charming Brisbane makes an ideal home base. It’s one of the most vibrant cities in Australia. If you are playing to stop here or you’re decided this is the place to live and set down roots, you’ll also find it makes a great place from which to explore the rest of Australia. There are so many places a short distance away from Brisbane. You can get away for a single day if that’s what makes sense for your personal plans. Travelers can also take their car from Autohouse Vehicle Storage and hit the road for a longer period of time.


Bribie Island



Bribie Island Beach and Pandanus Tree



This land sand island is the place to head if you want to do little more than doze in the sun and admire the view. Look for the inland side if you’re here with family. It’s a good day trip along the shore where everyone in your party can dip their feet in the waters safely. If you want more action, head off to the seaward side. This is the place to catch a strong wave and practice your surfing skills. Head back for a nice lunch at a local cafe and then hit the waters again and again.


Glasshouse Mountains



View of Glasshouse Mountains



Located at the southern range of the Sunshine Coast, the Glasshouse Mountains are a startling and stunning site. The misty ranges offer picture perfect views from all angles. It’s a great reason to take your car from Autohouse Vehicle Storage Brisbane and enjoy one of the most amazing of Australian places. Walk up Wild Horse Mountain and have a picnic. It’s an easy stroll the entire family can do at the same time. There are lots of other paths in the area that offer more physical challenges. These are great for the more experienced climber in search of close thrills.

Lamington National Park



Waterfall in Lamington National Park


This one is for wildlife lovers. Lots of birds dot the skies, making it easier than ever to add to your personal count. Pademelons are one of the local highlights. They’re mammals that are similar to kangaroos and right here in larger numbers. The pristine forest is the right place for nature lovers who are looking for places to get inside the regional treasures directly. It’s a good place to cool down on a hot day with lots of small streams and waterfalls. A short day trip is a fantastic way to shuck off your dull routine.


North Stradbroke Island



Beach on North Stradbroke Island



A car ferry lets you take your car from Autohouse Storage Vehicle Storage Brisbane and hit the island with incredible ease. Come here in the warm weather for some of the best beaches in the area. It’s got kilometers of inviting sands so there’s lots of room for everyone. A visit during the milder time of year is also filled with incredible pleasures. Migrating whales pass offshore. You can spot them from nearly all points on the island for incredible selfies. They’re joined by pods of dolphins leaping as they break the water a short distance away.