18th September, 2020

Few things are more fun than the chance to leave it all behind and getaway. For residents of Brisbane, many destinations are in easy reach. Take your caravan out of Autohouse Brisbane Caravan Storage and head off to a place you’ve never seen before. One of the best things about living in Brisbane is the city is centrally located. This makes it easy to pick a place and get there quickly.


Located at the near tip of northern Australia, Cairns is one of those places everyone should see at least once. Cairns is about so many things. You can bring your caravan from Brisbane Caravan Storage and take your time to explore this part of the world. It’s a good place for those who love nature and enjoy nightlife. The city makes an excellent home base from which to explore many of the most renowned parks in Australia. Take the time to set foot in the Mareeba Wetlands. This is one area that attracts lots of wildlife. Here is the place to see some of Australia’s most admired birds in their native habitat. You’ll want to bring your binoculars as you get the caravan from Brisbane Caravan Storage to get an even better look.

Fraser Coast

The beautiful Fraser Coast is an endless chance to do all sorts of marvellous activities. This is the time to kick off your shoes and wade into the water. Sailing is easy with the many boat rentals all over the coast. Swimming in the warm, gentle water is an excellent way to relax. Explore Hervey Bay. The bay has lots of cafes and shops that make it easy to grab everything you need for your stay here. This is one of those places that is ideal for all those who love to fish. You’ll find fishing of all types everywhere you go. Drop a line from the marina or hire a boat and head out on the open waters.

Southern Great Barrier Reef

One of the many joys of living in Brisbane is a chance to head off to the Great Barrier Reef. This is one place that every Australian should put on their personal bucket list. The reef lies offshore. It’s filled with living coral, incredibly diverse species of fish and other water creatures that are rarely seen anywhere else. A caravan makes it easy to get to towns next to the reef and then take a boat to see the reef in person. This is a memorable trip and one that can be done once you’ve brought your own personal caravan out of Brisbane Caravan Storage. Make sure you have the gear you’ll need before you head off to the ocean to see the reef.