26th November, 2019

Travel is a fantastic way to go out and explore the many wonderful sites throughout the world. It’s also a great way to unwind and take a break from busy everyday life. Many of us like to schedule in an annual holiday and whether you’re away or a couple of weeks, or for a couple of months – Autohouse can ensure that your car is kept safe and secure in car storage whilst you’re away.


Many of us may consider keeping vehicles parked on the street or in the driveway for friends or family to check up on in semi-regular intervals. Sure, this may be a cheap option, however it doesn’t come without risk of damage or theft. Autohouse Storage is a Brisbane Car Storage Facility that offers a range of different solutions suitable for those who are heading away on holiday!


Car storage covers


Indoor Car Storage


Autohouse Storage offers indoor Brisbane Car Storage – this is a fantastic option for those who decide to take an extended holiday or just wish to keep their car extra secure. Autohouse Storage’s indoor car storage Brisbane means that you don’t have to leave your car exposed on the street, making it a potential target for would-be criminals, or a victim of a damaging weather event. With Autohouse Indoor Car Storage Brisbane you can enjoy the peace of mind that your car will be kept safe from rain, storm, snow, hail or other potential hazards.

ferrari storage

Whilst you probably wouldn’t store your Ferrari in outdoor storage, it may be a viable option for the daily driver or trailer


Outdoor Car Storage


For those who wish to put a little more money into their holiday, Autohouse Storage also offers outdoor secure car storage. Outdoor car storage is a fantastic option for those travellers who may only be away for a short period of time, but wish to keep their car monitored and stored safely. Outdoor storage is also an effective way to keep bulkier items safe, for instance, caravans, motorhomes and boats.


Autohouse Storage is a trusted Brisbane Car Storage facility that is the perfect option for those who wish to safeguard their car whilst away. Contact Autohouse Storage for a quick quote and you can enjoy your holiday free of any potential stresses!