21st May, 2019

We tell it like it is!

Whether it be looking at some long term car storage, or simply just some temporary winter boat storage, theres a number of factors to look at when choosing the right storage environment for your treasured asset.


1. Flexibility

Its likely that you didn’t buy your asset to throw it into a shed, never to be seen again (SMSF investments aside). Chances are you’ll have a burning desire to take the classic car for a weekend spin, or take the boat out on the bay with the family every now and then. Its super important that your storage provider offers you fully flexible access to utilise your asset! 24-7 drop-off and collection is an absolute must for this reason.


2. Safety & Security


This is the big one – ask yourself these questions:

  • What security features are in place – think sophisticated alarm systems, 24-7 CCTV surveillance, door bollards, lighting, staffing, night time security patrols, supervision of access… the list goes on.

  • Is it up to customer to park their asset or does this responsibility belong to staff?

  • Is there a spotter used when parking larger Caravans and Boats in close quarters?

  • What fire safety systems are in place?

  • Where are the keys to my car stored? Are they in a heavy duty safe?


3. Accessibility

How accessible is the location? Do I need to negotiate through a multitude of backstreets to reach the destination, or is it well connected with a central highway?


4. Whats On Offer?


Is it simply just storage? Or can I arrange for my car to be washed prior to collection? Do they offer a charging service for my Caravan? Is there a wash bay where I can flush out my boat after a day on the water? The offering of such services is what separates the bare minimum storage providers from the all-encompassing vehicle management operators.


5. Manoeuvrability


This particularly applies to trailered vehicle owners –

  • Is there sufficient space to hook up and drop-off?

  • Is my asset ready to access so I can just quickly hook up and go?

  • Is there enough space to turn around without hassle?

  • Is there easy street access?


We hope you found this article helpful! Thanks for reading! Your friendly Autohouse Team 🙂