12th February, 2020

‘Horses for courses’ – as they say.


It’s an easy thought process to trap yourself in, which starts with the question of ‘I need a long term car storage solution’, and normally ends in the answer of ‘well I’ll just go to a normal big-brand self storage provider’. Whilst conventional self-storage houses (think National, Kennards etc) are fantastic at providing solutions for domestic storage, they don’t normally immerse themselves around providing vehicle storage.


Whilst car storage is big business in the more congested parts of the world (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New York), the concept of specialised car storage is still a young and somewhat unique concept, not only in Brisbane, but across Australia. If you are considering the storage of your vehicle, its important to know the key differences between the two types of storage before embarking on either one. You may recall we pointed out the key differences between the two concepts a little while back, so building on that, here are 5 reasons to choose a specialist storage operator over a traditional self-storage provider –


1. They Are Usually Far More Affordable



For most, this is where the decisive difference is – professional storage is normally a convenience or luxury for most, so price points play a big part in the decision making process. Whilst most self-storage pricing represents fair value for the storage of multiple items, it usually doesn’t stack of for the storage of singular vehicles. This is because their storage units are individual, with partitioning walls between them normally secured by roller doors. A vehicle storage provider normally runs off a single bulk space, of which they manage the storage of vehicles themselves. This means no expensive fit outs or space taken up by partition walls and doors, which ultimately means a much lower price available to the consumer. How much cheaper? We did a price comparison exercise last year, that demonstrated that Autohouse Storage’s prices (for indoor car storage) were between 55% and 136% cheaper than selected Self-Storage companies in the local area.


2. Everything is Under One Roof



At a Self-Storage Outlet, you can obviously expect storage space, perhaps along with the availability of packaging materials, and an array of trolly’s and handcarts to use. What you can’t expect, is the storage units to have power points to plug your battery charger into, as well as aftermarket services such as car grooming, transportation and regular engine start-ups. A specialist car storage outfit will normally offer all the services a vehicle requires to maintain its condition whilst off the road, meaning you won’t have to contend with dead batteries, dusty paint and flat tyres.


Expect the following after-market service-offerings from a Vehicle Storage Specialist:


3. Arrive & Drive


Drop & Go: no fuss required


The better car storage providers will encapsulate a valet-style system, where with prior notice, you simply drop your car and keys to a staff member, and let them safely put the vehicle away for you. When it comes to collection, the provider will ensure your vehicle is ready for your arrival, making the pick-up process as quick and painless as possible. Conversely, the provider will normally be able to organise local tilt-tray transport, if the vehicle can’t be driven on the road.



4. Choice of Indoor & Outdoor Options


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