19th June, 2020

Maintaining one’s vehicle is necessary to ensure its reliability and dependability. Perhaps you are wondering what all is involved when it comes to vehicle maintenance outside of the routine oil change. Maybe you are compiling a list of car maintenance chores so as to incorporate them into your busy schedule. Today, we will discuss 5 vehicle maintenance tasks you should add to your routine and why they are important.


One of the easiest maintenance chores you should consider adding to your list of vehicle maintenance chores is checking your tyre’s pressure and tread depth. Checking your tyre’s pressure and tread depth is important to ensure you and your family’s safety. You can take your vehicle to have it checked at a petrol station, vehicle service center, or you can inspect them on your own.

Tyre Rotations

In line with tyre maintenance, rotating your tyres is another vehicle maintenance task that should be routinely done every 4,000 to 8,000 kilometers. This maintenance routine is important because it helps your tyres wear evenly. Sometimes the weight of a vehicle’s front and rear axels differ, causing uneven tyre wear. For this reason, periodically rotating your vehicle’s tyres will be beneficial to help reduce car maintenance costs. You can have your vehicle serviced as at a professional vehicle maintenance center or you can do it on your own without any special tools required.

Air Filter

Another easy to do vehicle maintenance outside of the standard oil change is replacing the vehicle’s engine air filter. Believe it or not, the engine uses tons of air when fuel is burned. Because of this, routinely replacing the engine air filter is important to prolong engine life and reduce emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. You can tackle this chore on your own by checking your owner’s manual to locate your vehicle’s engine air filter when replacing it. Otherwise, a professional car maintenance center can help you.


Periodically checking and maintain your vehicle’s lighting system is absolutely important when it comes to safety. This makes this vehicle maintenance chore another must-add task to your routine. Headlights, turn signal lights, brake lights, and parking lights are the main components of a vehicle’s lighting system. Since they are often utilised, it’s best to ensure they are working properly. You can do this maintenance task on your own by turning each component on and checking to see if they’re functioning. If they are not, replace the bulbs and/or the fuse that is associated with the lighting component.


Autohouse Car Storage

Perhaps you own a vehicle or a caravan that is not typically used on a regular day-to-day basis. Maybe you don’t have enough storage space at home. Properly storing your vehicle is another routine maintenance task you should consider. As mentioned, you may not have ample room at home to store your vehicle. So, you may now be looking for car storage in Brisbane. When searching for a company that offers car storage in Brisbane, consider choosing a professional and reputable company. A professional and reputable company that offers car storage in Brisbane – like Autohouse Storage – will ensure your vehicle or caravan is securely and safely stored at their state-of-the-art facility.