19th October, 2020

Are you living in Australia and you’re planning to go for that Caravan trip but you’re not sure about where to start or what to take? You don’t have to worry any more. Here is a solution for you for that long-awaited trip.

Autohouse Storage provides Caravan Storage Brisbane and believes you should include these following items when on a caravan tour. It should only carry the most important items that you cannot survive without as it is not very spacious to hold a lot of stuff. These items will be useful to you when on that caravan tour.

• Fire extinguisher or fire blanket

• Check fire alarm and remember to replace battery if necessary

• An old towel, sponge, car or canvas cleaners

• Toiletries and bath towels

• Hand sanitiser, soap, hand towel and tissues

Your Brisbane Caravan Storage tool checklist will depend with the type of road trip you’re doing, if you’re staying in a well-equipped caravan parks, you may not need as many tools as for an off-road trip in the middle of roads with limited passing traffic. We believe these ones are essential.

• Scissors

• Stanley knife

• Tie cables

• Electrical tape hammer and rubber mallet

• Spanner set

• Tyre pressure gauge

• Screwdrivers

• Puncture repair kit

Keeping these items in your caravan may help you in the event of any misfortune coming your way! Whether you experience a puncture in your tyre, or forget to pack your toothbrush you’ll be well equipped for any issues you may face on your journey.