20th January, 2021

Hitting the road is a refreshing chance to get away from it all and take some much needed time for yourself. Many people understandably adore the opportunity to leave the ordinary behind and make holiday plans. A caravan makes the ideal to get this process done with ease. Caravans offer everything you need right at your fingertips. If you’re planning to get your caravan from Autohouse Caravan Storage Brisbane, you’ll want to think about a fabulous trip. This is one area that can make the perfect home base from which to explore other parts of Australia in person. You can see lots of amazing things during any trip.


One place that many people like is heading to Cairns. This historic city in the northern part of Queensland has long been a great destination. Bring your caravan from Caravan Storage Brisbane and see what it has to offer in person. You’ll find a vibrant city that is happy to welcome visitors. Take the time to stroll the city’s streets. Stores, museums and outdoor parks are yours to admire and appreciate. When you’re done with dry land, you can head offshore. One of the best things about visiting Cairns is that it is easy to use it as a stopping off point for the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy amazing wildlife as you head to this magnificent place with a guided tour.

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is another ideal option for anyone who wants to take their caravan from Caravan Storage Brisbane. This is one of the most adored parts of Australia. Many people love the idea of spending lots of time in the sunshine. There are many varied options to pick from when it comes to having a week in the sun here. You’ll find large beaches that offer a chance to spread out, plentiful hotel accommodation and lots of great places where you can sample locally caught fresh seafood. Broadbeach and Surfer’s Paradise should be on your personal exploration list. Other places are equally easy to appreciate in person. Coolangatta and Currumbin tend to draw in fewer people. That means lots more room for you.

The Great Tropical Drive

Certain parts of Australia can be considered part of the tropics. One of the most fabulous things about enjoying all Queensland has to offer is that such places are easy to get to with your caravan. The Great Tropical Drive is one those adventures you should try at least once in your life. Take advantage of the proximity to this natural wonderland right in your own backyard. The far north of Queensland is one place you can get to know from the comfort of your caravan. This is a place to enjoy the greenery as it is one of the wettest places in Australia. Head out from Cairns to Daintree Rainforest and get to know this amazing part of Australia.